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Algebra 1

Instructor: Tahla Stephens

Course fee:  Free instruction, materials fee $10 per semester

Student min/max:  1-12

Course description: Algebra 1 covers all topics in a first-year algebra course, from algebraic expressions, signed numbers, exponents, inequalities, probability to linear and quadratic equations.  We also cover algebra-based real-world problems through out. With Saxon, a basic overview of geometry concepts of area, volume, angles, and Pythagorean Theorem are developed and practiced as well. With Algebra 1, students begin developing the understanding required for entrance into Algebra 2 or Geometry courses.

Curriculum used:  Algebra 1, Saxon, Third Edition

Class plans: Students will generally have to complete one lesson each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for a total of four lessons per week. Parent monitored take-home test on Wednesday. Students will also need to use the accompanying Solutions Manual to check daily homework.  Students will need to redo all of the problems that they miss. 

Homework:  Students can expect between 6-8 hours of homework each week.

Tests/papers/presentations: Students will take regular tests.  There will not be any papers or presentations.

Grading: 50% homework, 50% tests.  Tests can be retaken.


American Government

Instructor:  Melanie Hockley

Course fee:  Free instruction, no materials fee

Student min/max:  2-10

Course description: American Government will be taught to better understand America’s foundational governmental virtues as well as its challenges, and will enable the student to better view their own citizenry.  The student should gain a clearer comprehension of the meaning of citizenship to our United States and the purposes of the governmental structures.  There is hope that experiencing the TeenPact event the student will gain a better personal perspective of the legislative process.

Curriculum used: Bob Jones University (BJU) American Government 2nd Edition and accompanying Student Activity Manual.  The student will also be reading Christianity and the Constitution by John Eidsmoe and using materials from TeenPact. 

Brief description of class plans: Reading the required reading and dialogue for comprehension.  View a few tapes from the American Heritage Series from Wallbuilders.  Four essays will be required throughout the school year as well as tests to determine comprehension and grade. In addition to regular class plans we plan to attend the TeenPact event held in February.  

Homework: Between 5 - 7 hours per week. There will be a lot of reading and in conjunction with this there will be quarterly tests to verify that students have a thorough understanding of their reading. Students will write a three-four page research paper on any of the material covered per quarter. In addition to this the student will complete the required assignments for attendance to Teen Pact.

Tests/Papers/Presentations: There will be regular tests for students as well as a final. There will be regular papers. There will be no presentations required for this class unless the student would like to do this for extra credit.

Grading Scale: Tests (3) 25%, Final Test 20%, Research Papers 25%, Final Research Paper 20%, Participation 10%.



Instructors:  Danielle Carr and Hilary Osborne

Course fee:  Free instruction, $10 per month materials fee which will include the workbook


Student min/max:  4-20


Course description: Anatomy/Physiology will be taught from a Biblical worldview, to include families, with a general overview of all body systems. Depending on student’s individual career focus we will go in depth as desired.  We will spend time memorizing anatomical terms, developing a 3D understanding of the musculoskeletal system, and examining and identifying palpable bone and tissue in the human frame.  We will use a monthly unit study focus:


1. Cells and Tissue
2. Skeletal system
3. Integumentary System (skin)
4. Cardiovascular System
5. Respiratory System
6. Digestive System
7. Urinary System
8. Hearing/vision

 When class is complete, students will be prepared for college A&P courses.

Curriculum used:  Apologia General Science and AIG Body of Evidence.  Each student will receive an AIG workbook to complete over the course as well as study guides from Apologia.

Homework:  3-5 hours per week; workbook, individual research, and papers.

Tests/Papers/Presentations:  Students will have bimonthly presentations, papers, or demonstrations, as well as bimonthly written exams.  Sometimes these presentations will be as a group if students desire, exams will be fun in nature and part of the learning during class.

Grading scale:  Presentations 25%, Homework 25%, Written Tests 25%, Final Paper 25%


Instructor:  David Polhamus

The Bible class will be held every Thursday from 12:30-1:00 PM. For the spring semester, we will be going verse by verse through the book of Philippians. It will be a time of preaching by David and a time to have open discussions on the content of Philippians.




Instructor:  Adrienne Hanagan

Course fee:  $50 per month, one-time materials fee of $100

Student min/max:  4-12

Course description: This high school Biology class will cover the chemical basis of life from the building blocks of matter (elements and molecules) to DNA and proteins. Cellular architecture will be studied as will cellular reproduction, and Mendelian genetics. Our studies will include the simplest forms of life (bacteria, protists, and fungi), invertebrate forms of life (arthropods and insects) and  the vertebrates (amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals).  Photosynthesis, plant anatomy, classification, physiology, and reproduction will be studied as will ecology.  The problems presented by evolution, intelligent design, and creation will also be discussed; I will not be presenting the theory of evolution as fact.

Curriculum used:  Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd edition, Apologia

Description of class plans:  We will be reading the biology text outside of  class and I strongly recommend students prepare 5X8 cards for memory work.  Homework and lab worksheets will be assigned and graded.  Tests can be taken at home as take home exams or in class.  I am very flexible in my willingness to work with learning disabled students or with students who have test anxiety.  In the first semester, we will be doing a lot of work with the microscope.  If the students have a microscope, they will be encouraged to bring it with them.  We will be doing biology labs perhaps once a week, as needed.  Biology related field trips may replace some labs, especially when we will be studying reptiles.  We will be following Wile's text fairly closely in terms of the lab schedule.  In the second semester, we will be doing dissections of squid, crayfish or crab, perch or other available fish, shark, and fetal pig.

Homework:  6 to 8 hours per week.  Completion of lab worksheets, active participation in all the labs, and completion of all take-home and in-class exams will also be required.  Weekly reading of texts and printed lectures (provided by instructor), and lab procedures will be required.   In Wile's text, there are 16 modules, which amounts to a module exam every two to three weeks.  Students can expect to get a take home or in class test once each module is complete.  I may choose to administer a final, if it will be helpful to the students.

Grading scale:  Homework 20%, Lab Worksheets 20%, Lab Participation 10%, Module Exams 50% 


British Literature

Instructor:  Melanie Hockley

Course fee:  Free instruction, no materials fee

Student min/max:  2-10

Course description: We will read and write papers on the books listed below by British authors.We will also read and discuss many poems.  Students will be able to understand and discuss many different literary genres by British writers. Students will grow in their appreciation of literature, increase their vocabularies and be more varied in their writing abilities. Students will also study literary devices.

Curriculum used: There will be no textbooks for this class. Students will be required to purchase the books we study (or get them from the library). These are some of the books that we’ll cover: Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales (not all), Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, Pride and Prejudice, Beau Geste, Murder on the Orient Express, C.S. Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet, and 1984. Also, we will cover poems and prose.

Homework: 5 - 7 hours per week. There will be lots of reading and in conjunction with this there will be comprehension tests to verify that students have completed their reading. After each theme (approximately quarterly), students will write a three to four page paper.  Students will also coordinate with their other team members to prepare for their presentations each semester.

Tests/Papers/Presentations: There will be regular tests for students but there will not be a final. There will be regular papers. Presentations will be a group project per semester.

Grading Scale: Group Projects 25%, Tests 15%, Essays 50%, Participation 10%.



Instructor: Lizhi Gao

Course fee:  Free instruction, $20 per month materials fee to cover textbook, worksheets and other materials, and ingredients for making traditional Chinese food

Student min/max:  2-6

Course Description:  Beginning level Mandarin; Pinyin system (Latin script rather than Chinese characters); conversational, reading, and writing; basic topics such as numbers, greetings, family, daily life; Chinese culture

Curriculum used:  Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1 and additional instructor-created materials

Brief description of class plans:  Classes will consist of teacher instruction and student practice.  Both individual and group work.  Oral and written, role playing, games, worksheets, etc.

Homework:  One hour a week; oral practice (pronunciation) in front of a mirror, practice worksheets, projects

Tests/Papers/Presentations:  One test per week, final test, no papers, 1-2 presentations per month

Grading:  Participation 30%, tests 50%, presentations 20%


English Composition

Instructor: Sarah Arthur

Course fee:  $40 per month, one-time materials fee of $15

Student min/max:  1-20

Course description:  This course provides an introduction to composition, emphasizing the process of revision.  This course can benefit a wide spectrum of skill levels, from Freshmen needing basic English to Seniors wanting to polish their essay-writing skills. 

Curriculum used:  Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace, Joseph M. Williams and Gregory G. Colomb, various online resources

Description of what students will have learned when class is complete:

 - The foundations of language and composition 
 - The basics of grammar and syntax 
 - An understanding of the editing and revision process

Brief description of class plans:  Students will develop a writing plan for the semester and will keep a writing portfolio.  We will use our class website weekly.  Using this platform, students will post their drafts and edit the writing of their peers. Students will be required to keep up with class work and individual assignments each week. Most of the assignments require use of online curriculum.  For example, students may watch a TedEd video, read various writing examples from a couple websites, answer a set of grammar exercises, and comment about the week’s topic on our class website. 

Homework: Minimum of 5 hours per week, maximum depends on the student’s goals

 - Writing 1-10 page essays, depending on the student 
 - Editing and revising their papers and the writing of their peers 
 - Posting to class blog
 - Taking practice SAT tests and grammar quizzes
 - Completing grammar exercises

Grading for Fall Semester:

Writing Portfolios: Students will save all seven writing assignments in a digital writing portfolio.  Each assignment must include a first draft, multiple revisions, and a final draft.  Together, these seven papers reflect 50% of the final grade.

Class Blog: Students will complete ten blog posts. 15%

Quizzes: 10%

Grammar Exercises: These exercises include class practice as well as individual assignments based on a student’s grammar/mechanics goals as discussed in his or her writing plan.  15%

Peer Editing and Revising: 10%


 Fine Art

Instructor: Tahla Stephens

Course fee:  $45 per month, materials fee $35 per quarter

Student min/max:  5-15

Course description: The purpose of this class is to provide the student with a year long, high school level, Fine Arts experience. We will discover Drawing with graphite and colored pencil, incorporating various compositions and styles, while practicing techniques such as shading, value, and color theory. Students will learn to use the tools for rendering in Pen & Ink and Watercolor painting. We will experience Sculpture, Fiber Arts with a focus on weaving, and Altered Art. There are a total of six art forms we will explore ‘hands-on’ and each student will submit one ‘project’ from each of these forms, as well as their sketchbook, in lieu of tests. Access to an email account, computer, printer & internet as well as a camera is necessary for this class.

Curriculum used: Ultimate Art Bible ISBN 9781908449016 Please Note: There is a small amount of nudity in this book so I ask that parents go through the book and draw clothes on the few pictures and illustrations that have nudity.

Description of class plans:

September/October:  Drawing with Graphite & Colored Pencil:  Exploring Still Life, Composite, Landscape, Portrait and Free Form through shapes, composition, techniques and tools using value, shading, style.  We will also begin learning color theory. Although emphasized this month, Drawing is practiced all year, and is assigned as homework throughout. (The Student’s Sketchbook is the only 1st Quarter project) (A Graphite or Colored Pencil Drawing is a 2nd Quarter Project) 

November:  Pen & Ink Techniques and Tools:  Building on drawing skills as well as concepts of composition in Still Life, Composite, Landscape, Portrait and Free Form. Students explore & practice techniques using various quill tips to achieve desired results. (2nd quarter project) Sculpture--Exploration of sculpture will be a continuation of our discovery of composition with the emphasis of energy and motion in the Sculpture Form.  (2nd quarter project)

December/January:  Fiber Art with an emphasis on weaving: We will explore further the concept of composition within free form while learning the basics of loom weaving: warping, weft fiber choices, patterns, weaving on a loom. Students will create a Fiber Art sculpture that is a composite of various samples of this art form as well as mixed media of the student’s choice. (Because we have only one loom, this project is considered a 4th quarter project) Students will also continue to grow in their drawing techniques as they explore animal & human portraiture.

February: Watercolor Introduction:  Building on ‘Line Drawing’ style watercolor, students will continue studying composition in Still Life, Landscape, Composite and Portrait formats, while learning painting techniques and tools for the watercolorist.  We will dive into color theory again with the extensive use of a color wheel.  Students will be able to experience hot and cold press watercolor paper choices from 70 lbs to 140 lbs, as well as watercolor canvas.  (3rd quarter project)

March:  Altered Art, a form of mixed media, is an emerging art form of the present culture and an excellent example of the worldview of relativism. Students will be challenged to transfer a distinct title to their piece by giving it to the viewer in visual clues only.  (4th quarter project)

April/May:  Portrait (Student’s choice of subject(s) & media). Students will pull together all of their skills and techniques learned this year in Fine Arts to create a portrait AND finish up their Fiber Art project as well as their Altered Art project. We will enjoy together an end of year Art Gallery & Dessert Night (Student participation is required.)

Grading Art Projects: At the time each Fine Art Skill is introduced in class and the associated project is discussed, a handout will be given outlining the requirements for grading that project. 

Earn 1 credit per each Semester completed: 

Requirements:  Attend and participate in all scheduled ‘on campus’ Art classes on Mondays and Thursdays, as well as our ‘End of Year Project Gallery and Dessert’ evening. Our on campus class is scheduled for a 1 hour duration.  Off campus school work, referred to as ‘homework’, is designed to encompass 1 hours each of the other 3 days students are off campus studying. (This reflects a total of 5 hours for on and off campus class work combined per week.) In addition to attendance and class participation, students must complete and submit weekly assignments in their sketchbook.  At the end of each quarter Students will also submit for grading, their sketchbook as a whole, and any of the projects as per assignment each quarter. These projects are in lieu of tests.At the end of the year we will host an “End of Year Project Gallery and Dessert Night”. Student participation in this event is mandatory and is considered their ‘final exam’.

Grading: Class participation 20%, Weekly Sketchbook homework assignments 35%, Fine Arts Projects 35%. In lieu of a final test, students will present all 8 projects in our class's “End of Year Project Gallery and dessert night” 10%.

French 1/2/3

Instructor:  Sandy Edwards

Course fee:  Free instruction, student buys Rosetta Stone

Student min/max:  1-10

Course description:  Each family will need to purchase Rosetta Stone’s French program for $159 (equivalent to $18/month in place of instructor, materials, or textbook fees).  Students will work one hour a day according to the program’s 36-week schedule, M/Th in class, and T/W/F at home.

The program includes pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and a cultural activity each quarter. Printable worksheets, quizzes and tests will be completed, graded and discussed.  Each student will prepare a short, cultural presentation each semester.

Curriculum used: Rosetta Stone French Homeschool Edition

Homework: Students can be expected to do between 2 - 4 hours of homework per week.

Description of Homework: Students will spend 1 hour every weekday on the curriculum described above.

Tests/Papers/Presentations: This program provides for continual testing, writing, and speaking assignments.

Grading: Completing program module 50%, worksheets/quizzes/tests 45%, presentations 5%.



Instructor:  Sharon Grimes

Course fee:  $40 per month, one-time materials fee of $35

Student min/max:  3-12

Course description:  World geography will be taught to help students understand world cultures, current events, basic geographical terms, and physical features of each continent.  Students will practice drawing, reading, and interpreting maps.  Memorizing countries, their capitals, and locations will be integral to this class. A cultural project, unit study on Around the World in Eighty Days, and a hand-drawn world map will be completed by the year’s end.

Curriculum used:  Trail Guide to World Geography by Cindy Wiggers, Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne, The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide by Maggie Hogan and Cindy Wiggers, World Geography by Teacher Created Resources, The Kingfisher Book of World Geography, an atlas, an almanac.  The only books the student will need to purchase are an atlas, an almanac, and Around the World in Eighty Days.

Description of what students will have learned when class is complete: Students will develop proficiency at reading maps, know geographical terms, utilize outline maps, become skilled in using atlases, develop critical thinking skills, research current events, memorize countries, capitals, and locations, know world physical features, and be exposed to world cultures.

Brief description of class plans: In general, Mondays will be spent on mapwork and utilizing atlases and almanacs.  Thursdays will be spent on current events, research, and world cultures.  The last nine weeks will be spent on a literature study of Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne.

Homework: 6-8 hours per week

Description of homework: Homework will include drawing maps; working on a geography notebook; memorization of countries, capitals, locations, and physical features; a cultural project; bi-monthly presentation, including current events and/or research; and a hand-drawn map of the world

Tests/Papers/Presentations: A midterm test will be given.  Research and current events will be presented to the class bimonthly.

Grading: Homework 10%, Cultural Project 10%, Bimonthly Current Events/Research Presentation 10%, Geography Notebook 10%, Participation in Book Study 10%, Midterm 15%, Final Hand-Drawn Map 35%



Instructor: Keith Burns

Course fee:  $40 per month, materials fee $25 per semester (includes a class subscription to 

Student min/max:  5-12

Course description:   This Geometry class is designed to give students a better understanding of how to describe shapes, distances, lines, and angles both abstractly and quantitatively.  They will be able to discuss the relationships that exist within and among different shapes.  They will be able to reason logically and abstractly with greater ability.  They will have an improved working grasp of algebra and will be prepared for Algebra 2 and Trigonometry. 

Curriculum used:  BJU Press Geometry, 2nd Edition (students will be required to purchase the text and the teacher edition)

Homework: 3-5 hours per week, primarily practice problems of skills previously learned in class, some reading about and exploring new concepts, studying and note organization

Tests/Papers/Presentations: 2 quizzes and 1 test per month, final exam, 1 paper or presentation per semester (perhaps replacing a test, perhaps for extra credit)

Grading:  Homework completion / work shown 25%, Homework grade (corrections for full credit) 25%, Class participation / attendance 25%, Quizzes (corrections for full credit) 15%, Tests (corrections for partial credit) 10%     


Personal Finance

Instructor:  Evelyn Baker

Course fee:  Free instruction, one-time materials fee of $35

Student min/max:  1-10

Course description:  The class will follow the Dave Ramsey program "Foundations in Personal Finance".  Includes lesson plans, assessments, case studies and activities.  Personal finance expert Dave Ramsey teaches the course on DVD. Both engaging and entertaining, Mr. Ramsey walks students through the steps to financial peace, helping them prepare for the ups and downs of money before they enter adulthood. Students will see an immediate impact on their knowledge of personal finance.

Foundations in Personal Finance can fulfill requirements in mathematics, economics, family consumer science, business mathematics and personal finance. There are 12 formal, classroom-style lessons on DVD, taught by Mr. Ramsey, covering four distinct units (Unit 1: Saving and Investing, Unit 2: Credit and Debt, Unit 3: Financial Responsibility and Money Management, Unit 4: Insurance/Risk Management and Income/Careers). Students will then complete the workbook at home. Total student time will be 50 min a day, 5 days a week, including on campus school days.

Curriculum used:  The teacher will provide the DVD kit.  Each student will need to purchase the Foundations High School Edition Additional Student Workbook from

Homework : 3 hours per week; workbook, take-home tests, occasional projects.

Tests/Papers/Presentations:  There will be a take-home test (open book, open notes) for each chapter, plus a final.  No papers, no presentations.

Grading:  Workbook 50%, Class Participation 25%, Tests 15%, Projects 10%.


Physical Education (PE)

Instructor:  Students

Course fee:  Free instruction, no materials fee

Student min/max:  3-10

Course description: Class is meant to teach the different types of fitness, how to apply them, and what they can do themselves to be fit.  Students will have learned how to be physically fit, and be in better physical shape than when the class started.  Each class will consist of stretching, a warm up, a workout, and a game.

Curriculum used: There will be no textbooks for this class.

Homework: Run 1 mile per week and record your time.

Tests/Papers/Presentations: There will be four tests and the last test will be a final. The tests will check for improvement in physical performance.

Grading Scale:  Classroom participation 50%, tests 25%, final test 25%.



Instructor:  Keith Burns

Course fee:  Free instruction, one-time materials fee of $50

Student min/max:  1-10

Course description:  The purpose of the chosen curriculum is to make physics understandable.  Wherever possible, the principles of physics are illustrated by everyday experience and practical devices.  The student is shown how the many kinds of technology, from the camera to the car, actually function.  Numerous illustrative problems are solved in detail. The harmony between scientific knowledge and Christian belief will be shown.  The text is firmly grounded on the view that we live in a God-created world governed by laws discoverable by reverent scientific inquiry.  Interspersed throughout the text are biographies of great physicists who were also Bible-believing Christians.

Curriculum used:  Abeka’s Physics: the Foundational Science – New Edition.  Students must purchase the textbook and the lab manual.

Homework:  3-5 hours per week; reading, answering chapter questions, take-home quizzes.

Tests/Papers/Presentations:  Tests according to the curriculum, no papers, no presentations.  The lab manual will be filled in as labs are performed.

Grading:  Homework 40%, Class Participation 20%, Tests 20%, Labs 20%.



Instructor:  Tahla Stephens

Course fee:  Free instruction, $10 per semester materials fee

Student min/max:  1-12

Course Description: Pre-Algebra covers all topics in a first-year algebra course, but at a simplified level.  Beginning with a review of fractions to the introduction of algebraic expressions, signed numbers, exponents, inequalities, probability to linear and quadratic equations.  We also cover algebra-based real-world problems through out. With Saxon, a basic overview of geometry concepts of area, volume, angles, and Pythagorean Theorem are developed and practiced as well. With Pre-Algebra, students begin developing the understanding required for entrance into Algebra 1.

Curriculum used:  Algebra 1/2, Saxon, Third Edition

Class plans: Students will generally have to complete one lesson each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for a total of four lessons per week. Parent monitored take-home test on Wednesday. Students will also need to use the accompanying Solutions Manual to check daily homework.  Students will need to redo all of the problems that they miss. 

Homework:  Students can expect between 6-8 hours of homework each week.

Tests/Papers/Presentations: Students will take regular tests.  There will not be any papers or presentations.

Grading: 50% homework 50% tests.  Tests can be retaken.



Instructor:  DeAnn Ailport

Course fee:  $25 per month, $10 per month materials fee

Student min/max:  3-10

Course Description:  Conversation, reading, basic topics such as numbers, greetings, family, daily life, ABC’s, Spanish culture (food, music), role playing, games etc.

Class will consist of teacher instruction, student involvement to have opportunity to work side by side with teacher, as students are able to engage and participate in their learning.

Homework:  2 hours a week, practice pronunciation, worksheets and projects.

One test a month, final test, 1 to 2 presentations per month.

Grading:  Participation 30%, Tests 40%, Presentations 30%



Instructor:  Hilary Osborne

Course fee:  Free instruction, one-time materials fee of $5

Student min/max:  4-10

Course description: Sound Speech introduces the methods and techniques of effective public speaking to inform or persuade. Students will learn about audience analysis, the communication process, and public speaking guidelines. The speech curriculum includes many speaking projects from demonstrations to devotionals, interviews to informative speeches.

Curriculum used: Sound Speech – BJU Press

Description of what students will have learned when class is complete: The students will have completed discussions of the communication process, audience analysis, and public speaking guidelines. It involves topic choice, research, organization, and effective communication. Speaking projects include introductions, interviews, demonstration speeches, declamations, informative speeches, devotional speeches, and persuasive speeches. Each of these will be completed by each student.  Each student will have practiced the art of constructive, godly criticism in a way that builds one another up.

Brief description of Class plans: One chapter will be covered every two weeks, which will include lectures on each lesson, review of concepts, and student speeches and evaluations when applicable. 

Homework: 4-5 hours each week.  Read chapter text covered in class along with chapter review, concepts, and terminology.  Students will prepare speeches as assigned throughout the year.

Tests/Papers/Presentations:  Three tests averaging one every 9 weeks.  No papers.  Roughly 4 presentations per semester.

Grading:  Presentations 50%, Tests 50%

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